Best Marijuana Strains For New Users​ | Ice cream cake strain | Mac Strain | Apple Fritter Strain | Fruity Pebbles Strain | White Runtz Strain

Best Marijuana Strains For New Users ​

Best Marijuana Strains For New Users Best marijuana Strains for New Users Ice cream cake strain Ice Cream Cake is a well-known indica-dominant hybrid that descends from the Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strains, both of which are highly regarded. The crystalline shine of Ice Cream Cake’s buds, wholly covered in cannabinoid-rich trichomes, is noticeable […]

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Best Cookies Strains In 2021 | Best Cookies Strains | Best Cookies Weed Strains

Best Cookies Strains In 2021

Best Cookies Strains In 2022 Best Cookies Strains In 2022 1. Buy Berry Pie cookies Blueberry Pie is a sweet-tasting indica-dominant hybrid that tastes almost as good as it sounds. The parentage of this hybrid is tantalizingly decadent. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream that results in a chill, almost dessert-like cannabis […]

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