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Buy Gary Payton Cookies Online The strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the scent, the benefits….it all starts with the flower! Cookies are designed with the singular vision to produce world-class cannabis and cannabis products.


Cookies have always represented a lifestyle of excellence, quality, and taste. Living the best life possible and always striving to grow. We represent this lifestyle best through our cannabis, and we constantly strive to produce the highest quality and most diverse cannabis on the planet. Buy Gary Payton Cookies Online


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6 reviews for Gary Payton

  1. PrimeGhost

    best herb I’ve smoked it’s more of an upper to me

  2. KaysMama17

    amazing stuff! I quit drinking coffee ALL day long because of it. I could not smoke this at night. This strain has made it to my #1 fav! fo sho!

  3. dasid

    Fire. Simply fire.

  4. Smokend

    one of my favorite strains. green Gene genetics has some nice jet fuel. but grow sciences is the best

  5. tonycreole

    Best I ever had

  6. ionz149

    Always super good. Classic smell and taste

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