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Dried cannabis flower is primarily ingested via inhalation, either by smoking or vaporizing the product. Activation time for smoking or vaping is roughly about 5 minutes and can last up to a few hours.Buy Emergen C Minntz Strain Online



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5 reviews for Buy Emergen C Minntz Strain Online

  1. backwoodburner 707

    If you manage to find real Minntz keep it all. For medical benefits, the taste and hard hit are just what an everyday cookie smoker would be looking for.. Heavy indica with a balanced taste and kick are the perfect mix. I can’t think of a better indica available rn..

  2. divine_lotus

    I’ve been researching micro-dosing and wanted to give it a try. I saw these mints a while back but I shrugged it off. Well here I am,… and let me say how amazing these little mints are. They taste like actual mints and not law clippings. I’m about 1hr13min into it and im very relaxed, no couch lock and to add, I’m pretty sensative when it comes to edibles. I’m scared of them, but these seem like they are doing the job. The great thing is that for me, it came on a gradual…. a relaxation slowly creeping up, you definitely know its there. Oppose to the hard edible hit. I really hate that hard edible hit because for me, it gets worse and worse oppose to getting better. I’m not HIGH per say, but I am grounded. I might compare it too a small light buzz when you have a beer. Or a light cerebral buzz. You can definitely pop in n’ out of the buzz. What I love the most is the sensitivity aspect of micro-dosing. It, in a way, forces you to pay attention to your body.

  3. EdisonHeadroom

    These are the perfect small dose to calm my anxiety but still let me function throughout the day. They are the easiest product I’ve found for staying discrete. For some reason, they are very hard to find though.

  4. WolfofWeedstreet

    Tried to revamp my idea of weed (had bad experiences in the past) and decided to try microdosing. I take 1 of these after work and it puts me in the perfect relax headspace that i wanted without being “high”. Brilliant; highly recommend.

  5. DubLokz

    these mints are perfect for microdosers like myself i love the effect thc has but not the high and these hit that spot perfectly i feel relaxed and focused and i keep to about 3 or 4 a day if your in the valley the plant in woodland hills has them for cheapest price I’ve found

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